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Hints and Advice
Which season to walk?

Temperature, Humidity, Precipitation, Snowfall
(At Owase City, Average of 1971- 2000)
@ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
6.2 6.5 9.6 14.4 18.1 21.5 25.1 26.1 23.2 18.1 13.2 8.3
11.3 11.6 14.6 19.1 22.6 25.2 28.8 30.1 27.3 22.9 18.4 13.8
1.3 1.6 4.4 9.5 13.6 18.1 22.0 22.8 19.7 13.8 8.3 3.3
60 59 64 70 74 81 83 81 80 74 70 64
97.0 132.1 238.1 340.8 343.5 428.2 418.5 494.6 717.6 358.5 261.9 91.6
0 0 0 0 - - - - - - 0 0
@ Winter Spring Summer
(June-Rainy Season)

Spring A lot of artificial forests of cedars or cypresses are seen in Kumano Kodo, but we can see blooming flowers like azalea.
It is the most beautiful season. Only people who have hay fever should be careful.
Summer It's more difficult in summer, because the weather is hotter and more humid. Walkers should carry plenty of water.
Fall You can see red and yellow leaves in places. It's a season in which various plants fruit, so it's just as nice as spring.
Winter Since Higahikisyu has a mild climate in all seasons, it's possible to hike Kumano Kodo(Iseji) even in winter.

Since the highest altitude is 600 meters ( feet), you don't need heavy outfits. Standard hiking clothes are sufficient.

General outfits (1) spring& fall : long- sleeve shirt, pants, cap(hat), light jacket, towel, raincoat
(2) summer : short- sleeve shirt, shorts, cap(hat), long-sleeve shirt, towel, raincoat, plenty of water
(3) winter : long-sleeve shirt, windbreaker, pants, cap(hat),towel, raincoat.
Shoes mountain-climbing boots are not necessary. Trekking shoes are good enough, and even sneakers will suffice.
Backpacks Backpacks for day trips(20-30 liters) are enough.

4 hints for Kumano Kodo
yNo.1zDon't take mountain passes lightly
The passes of Kumano Kodo are not difficult. The highest altitude is only 600 meters( 1968 feet), so anybody with above-average strength can enjoy the trails.
However, "security is the greatest enemy." In ancient times,many people couldn't get over these paths and passed away. As proof, there are grave markers along the roads. You shouldn't consider it as " just a mountain hike", or you might get injured. The stone paths covered with moss are beautiful, but can be slippery and dangerous. Poisonous snakes may also strike careless walkers. Depending on the season, it can be hot and humid like a sauna, or windy and freezing. You should prepare for the hike beforehand, making your trip more enjoyable. Here are some points.

 Check the time and make plans in advance
 Do not make excessive plans just because you are confident with your strength
 Walk with other people, just in case

yNo.2zOnly footprints should be left
Needless to say, "don't leave any litter."
Although we call them Kumano Kodo, most of them are private forests. A small amount of litter goes a long way, and is a disrespective to the owner or local people who clean the trails. Of course, you should also stay only on the marked trails.

yNo.3zOnly photos can be taken
This is also needless to say, but you are not permitted to pick flowers on your way, just because you find them beautiful or unusual.
Private land is not the only reason, but also respect for mountain nature. Flowers may disappear if you take just one. Please refrain from picking them, and just take photos. Your consideration will keep the mountains of Kumano Kodo clean and beautiful.

yNo.4zEnjoy Higashikishu!
Please enjoy the entire Higashikishu region in addition to walking Kumano Kodo.

1 Enjoy hot springs FThere are many hot springs around in Higashikishu where you can relax after the hike.
2 Try great food in Higashiloshu FYou can enjoy delicious food, including fresh fish. Please sample it as lunch during your hike, or as a souvenir.
3 l Nature of Higashikishu FThe best feature is beautiful nature. You can also enjoy it by camping, fishing, and so forth.

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